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Dental crowns in 36609

36609 dental office
36609 dental office

At the offices of Sonya White, DDS our 36609 dental office provides patients with dental crowns and other dental work to help beautify their teeth and mouth. Dental crowns are most commonly used on cavities. Cavities happen when tooth decay reaches inside the tooth and decays the inside, creating a hole. Fillings help to fill up the hole and keep it from progressing. A crown is then used to top it off. Crowns are the best alternative to saving a tooth and having to extract it.

Ceramic is the strongest material used for fillings, and works great in areas that are most visible, such as the front teeth. They’re aesthetically a good choice for a dental filling due to their ability to blend in with other teeth. If a cavity is severe and the pulp inside the tooth infected, a root canal may be recommended. After a root canal, a cap or crown is placed over the tooth to protect it. Crowns and caps can be used to cover dental implants and over cracked teeth. Sometimes caps and crowns are also used over teeth that have become discolored or stained. The crown restores the look of the tooth to its natural appearance. Our 36609 dental office can provide more information on how to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Our 36609 dental office is also available any time to answer questions regarding your dental health and to help educate you and your family on the importance of preventive oral care. We teach our patients how to keep teeth clean and healthy, using the right methods to prevent future cavities and tooth decay by using proper brushing and flossing methods. Those who are in need of crowns can get them done same day and in just one simple procedure.

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